Discover the benefits of our VM101 Broadband Alarm Transmitter's

The VM101 Broadband Alarm Transmitter's (BAT) from My Virtual Monitoring is a automated Internet Alarm Monitoring service easily installed by the home owner or their alarm company that monitors for alarm signals including Arm and Disarm signals and gives you control to remotely turn on or off most Honeywell Ademco, GE NX (Caddx) and DSC burglar alarm signals over a broadband internet connection using our VM101 BAT Broadband Alarm Transmitter Internet Alarm Panel Adapter also known as a Internet Alarm Communicator. Compatibility Chart My Virtual Monitoring allows you to have full control over what happens when your home security system is activated. You can have signals sent to you via email, text or PUSH if using our iPhone or Android app and also via a automated phone call if you so wish. Signals can also go to our central station or if your working with another central station signals can be sent to them also, no special equipment needed at the central station to use our VM101 BAT or Internet Alarm Communicator. My Virtual Monitoring does not require a telephone line or a VoIP account.

My Virtual Monitoring and the VM101 Broadband Alarm Transmitter (BAT) was specifically designed for internet alarm connectivity and monitoring with extreme thought put into ease of use. Being that it bridges the alarm control to our cutting edge automation systems it makes the work of the customer a cinch. Hosting the user/interface outside of the local network makes the overall product less expensive. The brains are in a data center, less cost / alarm panel power goes into the VM101 further lowering the up front capital investment.

Having the control bridged to the data center also allows for a plethora of options for signal routing, we have no ceiling on capacity. Access to a lot of strong network services for delivery of those cool notifications.

My Virtual Monitoring now has options for most alarm panels made within the last decade that uses Industry Standard Contact ID format for reporting. This option is now available on the VM101 WiFi and the VM101 C/IP Internet Alarm Communicator units. Both units support the Virtual Keypad on Compatible Panels and a Virtual Key switch on those panels that will support a key switch zone. With both the Virtual Keypad and Virtual Key Switch available on our ipFob app, this makes controlling your panel so much easer.

Plans Starting at ONLY $6.99 per month

We now offer the VM101 in 3 styles to Fit any Install. Click the links below to see more info.

VM101 WiFi Universal
Starting at $119.99
VM101 Cellular / IP
Starting at $169.99

Receive Alerts via Phone, Text and or eMail

cellAs a stand alone solution, (Self Monitoring) You choose the destination of each type of signal. Save with plans starting at Only $6.99 per month


Optional U.L. Listed Central Station Service

CentralLive operator response (Central Station Monitoring) is available with ALL our Alerts and services Starting at Only $17.99 per month*. Save up to 20% on homeowners insurance.


ipFob app for Android, iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

ipFobTurn your system On or Off from your phone or any computer in the world with a internet connection. Available with ipFob on select systems at no additional cost.



Automatic, end-to-end line supervision

checkOne of the most important feature we offer is line security — we’ll tell you within a few minutes if we lose contact with your alarm system (i.e. if your ISP goes down, or your house line is cut). By contrast, when your alarm system is plugged into a POTS line (as is traditionally done), there is no way for the monitoring station to know if, for example, your telephone line is cut (by an intruder). You might find out in a few hours if, for example, your alarm system misses it’s daily test signal. But you won’t know in real-time. When choosing an Internet Broadband Alarm Adaptor, make sure they are offering you polling as well. The last thing you want is to come home and find your home was broken into but you did not know the Internet was down or someone cut the Internet line. We have read a few cases of this on the Internet and want you to be aware of it.

As a stand alone solution

(Self Alarm Monitoring) You choose the destination of each type of signal. Alarm, supervisory, trouble, Open/Close. Signals can be routed directly up to 20 contacts on select plans, via email, text, PUSH when using ipFob and or automated voice . There is no live operator response, and the police will not be disatched if there is an alarm. You can handle the event as you see fit, up to and including calling your local police. It's perfect for the consumer or do-it-yourself er who may not feel the need for traditional alarm monitoring, but still wants to be notified of signals from their security system. My Virtual Monitoring alerts the people who care most about the security of their home. The owner, family and friends. Read more...

newVM101G Z-Wave Smart Controller (Gateway 3.0)

Z-wave compatible gateway that allow for remote controlling of lights, locks and thermostats.  In addition, live video viewing is available.  The Gateway 3.0 can be added to any installation and does not need to be combined with an VM101BAT alarm communicator.

Our VM101 Broadband Alarm Transmitter BAT Alarm Panel Internet Adapters operate over any Broadband Internet connection, Cable, DSL, FIOS, Satellite, 3G or 4G Cellular Internet. They do not require a telephone line or a VoIP account. All that has to be done is to connect your compatible Ademco Vista, GE NX or DSC panel to the VM101 BAT, plug into your router and monitoring can start right away. Why spend the extra money to keep the old landline just for the alarm system.

Why My Virtual Monitoring?

VoIP Compatible: Our VM101 BAT ip alarm adapter's offers an inexpensive and simple solution to the #1 problem facing the alarm industry. VoIP phone service.. No VoIP phone service required.

Installation made easy. Just attach 12 VDC power, and connect the VM101 to the control’s keypad terminals and or the Phone Output of the alarm panel. Plug in the RJ45 Jack to a Broadband connection, or pair it via WiFi, use Cellular and Broadband connection or Cellular only and the installation is complete. Set up and verify contacts and then you will start to receive signals. Compatibility Chart

Homeowners: My Virtual Monitoring can notify you when your kids get home from school, the security system is armed and the home is secure or that there's an emergency, even when you're on vacation. Have a temperature or water alarm? Be notified when one of these trip and avoid costly damage.

Business Owners: Want to know that your employees turned on the alarm system and your business is secure? My Virtual Monitoring can send you a notification, not only when the system has been armed but also when it has been disarmed so you will know when your employees get in or if someone's comes in after hours. Give each employee a unique code and know right away who is turning on or off the alarm.


Customer Comments



"The new wireless BAT is working great. The home automation features are great also.

I have installed one thermostat and two lights switches. Very easy installation and paring (if you follow the directions). I would highly recommend to anyone who wants those features."

"Great alternative to Alarm Net / Total Connect!"

"Awesome product. Setup was a snap. Thank you!"

"This unit is awesome!! A must have for self-monitor"

"Awesome customer service.. You guys run a great company."

"Fast shipping. Item worked out of the box, as promised. Very easy install."

"Superior support, knowledgeable and patient, very easy to work with. Thank you"

" I enjoy the service very much. You have done such a great job putting it all together and making it very user friendly, I do not see why anyone would opt for any other service. You have it all, from the simple to the fully monitored service with call center access. Thank you for the great support as always."

"The perfect answer to take a home alarm system in to the 21st century by leveraging technology. The ipFob iPhone application is phenomenal!"

"Thanks for all your help. You got yourself a very happy customer. This is how I love customer service."

"I thought I was really screwed when I realized the alarm wasn't working due to VOIP changeover but this product got it up and running again. Installed it all over lunch! "

"Received VM101 yesterday - installed today. Wow. The VM101 BAT is everything you promised, plus more! "


"That was the easiest install ever. 20 minutes for wiring, 5 minutes to program, 10 minutes on the website, and I'm up and running. Well done on the concept and design. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks,"

"Works like a charm, thanks for all your help this is going to help me stay out of the attic. You are my hero right now, great device, great plan, great support"

"Your service is exactly what I've been looking for, for awhile now. I love it! I bought your device/service the same day I found it. Thanks!"

"Awesome,Fantastic,One of the best to deal with, great customer service"

" Everything is working flawlessly, including on my blackberry. Thank you. I will be recommending this fantastic product to anyone with a compatible system."

"Fantastic service. We have been looking for this type of service for years but never wanted to pay the high prices of (and didn't want to replace our system). "

"Hi,I just got the BAT. It is great, and was simple to configure and install."

" This system with my virtual is SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Really like it.

"The VM101 is terrific and add the ipfob for the blackberry and itouch, it is really awesome! Very pleased with the entire service, support and product. Highly recommend it to all Vista panel owners."

"Nice product. Beats the heck out of the 4286 phone module."

"The VM101 BAT and Monitoring Service work as advertised. It was a easy install and started communicating immediately. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to drop their land-line phone and gain great control of their alarm system. Do check all of the compatibility details first. My A*T alarm was back level firmware and not supported. I swapped it out for a Vista20P and it was a very easy upgrade."